Une refonte complète du site WordPress existant de L'Annexe, un restaurant /chambre d'hôtes situé en Bourgogne, qui met en lumière une cuisine traditionnelle de qualité et un hébergement convivial.

L’Annexe already had a website requiring a complete overhaul of the aesthetics and interface. The new owner wanted to benefit from this change to start from scratch. It was the time of transition to responsive.

The creation of content was essential to highlight the place, the service of guest room being new, it remained to integrate the new site.

Client Details

Client: L’Annexe des Chais

Category: Webdesign

Date: November 2015

How ?

I have changed the domain name to improve SEO. I deployed a WordPress installation on the client’s server. Installed an existing theme that I modified. Ensured the maintenance and continuous improvement of the site.

Unique Features

We spent time choosing among the existing stock the best photos. A photographer intervened to make new ones.

We have been able to meet the need for immediate redesign while collaborating on the development of an optimal version.
We have developed several versions, the site has improved over time.


It’s all about content. Ugliness sells badly. Brought up to date, the site has become more attractive and more functional.

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