Domaine François Lumpp

A complete redesign of an existing site for a family vineyard for which environmental respect is paramount.

How ?

First, I went there to discuss the values that mattered to them, to know their methods, their history. The goal was not to make a commercial site but to meet the curiosity of existing customers, adding a little fun with an interactive map showing their vineyard

I deliver a turnkey solution, simple and understandable for future updates and updgrades made by the client who is not expert.

Client Details

Client: Domaine François Lumpp

Category: Webdesign

Date: August 2016

Link: Domaine François Lumpp

For the purposes of the website, I organized a photo shoot.

For one day, family members and bottles of wine paraded in front of the camera.

Who ?

In collaboration with Les Pentes Créatives who took care of the photo shoot.

What ?

– I led the project
– I deploy a wordpress installation on the client’s server
– Install and customize an existing theme
– Integrated contents
– Graphically create an interactive map that I then integrate using a plug-in
– Assured the tests and subsequently the maintenance of the site

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