For the retrospective publication of Jarvislain's works and the release of his new album, I created all the covers and participated in the development of his branding.

Jarvislain is a musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer and producer delivering a multiple and complex work. Having joined the Moderator label, they decided to publish his albums in retrospect before launching the new one.

Its production spans almost ten years, with different periods, different aesthetics while remaining coherent in the whole.

Client Details

Client: Moderator Studio

Category: Artworks

Date: November 2018

artworks samples banner
I created the graphic universe of the artist: from album covers to all the elements needed to illustrate his website, social networks, newsletter etc …

An important element was to graphically tell the story that Jarvislain tells through his music.

Unique Features

Jarvislain cuts his production in three areas: albums, often inspired, live and beat tapes.


By a game on the fonts and varying visual aesthetics, it is easier to identify the different eras, inspirations and natures of the albums: studio, live or tape.

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