World Wild Weird Web

For the launch of WWWW, I actively participated in the development of the business plan, the web and general design, I created the logo and the graphic charter. It's a real partnership. Why ? Once my job is done, what happens to the site and the client? With WWWW, no worries. The site is maintained, updated, evolutive etc ...

WWWW is a complete and turnkey website management solution: domain name, hosting, messaging, creation, management, maintenance and updates.
I noticed that some of my clients do not have dedicated team to managing their online presence. So, once the website is created, it dies.

With WWWW, it’s like having a webmaster for yourself all year long.
It proposes to adapt to the specific needs and constraints of small and medium-sized enterprises in their conquest of the Internet.
Monthlyizing costs makes it affordable for anyone.

Client Details

Client: Word Wild Weird Web // Partnship

Category: Webdesign & Graphic Design

Date: April 2018

Link: World Wild Weird Web


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