You Were

Folin Carrell is a singer, Lyon based, France. For his first single, I created the cover and scripted/co-directed his music video.

You were is a dance track whose beat both disco but chill is mixed with synthetic sounds from vintage keyboards.

It’s also a bit of a love song. In the video clip, a girl is jogging. She stumbles on a ghost, the remains of a relationship whose hero, Folin Carrell, seems to whisper the memory.

Client Details

Client: Moderator Studio

Category: Video & Artworks

Date: August 2015

album cover
album cover
After a series of scouting, I fell in love with a greenway, bike paths in France.
The peaceful atmosphere lent itself well to the setting of a music meant to be urban.

We did a lot of shooting and finding them auspicious and successful, I used them to create the cover art.

Unique Features

We did not have drone. We used as a substitute a remote-controlled helicopter (a toy in truth) that could support the weight of a GO PRO


A 20-meter-high shot that gives impetus to the video where the rhythm is crucial to transmit the energy of the song.

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